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Health and Wellness Exercise Program

The Health and Wellness continues its program offering exerise classes every Monday night at 6 PM.  Exercises include: cardio workouts, Zumba, Line dancing, Pilates and more.  So feel free to join this class and work torward a helathier you!  All are welcome!


Maximized Man, Ultimate Woman Conference – A Great Success!

Pastor Roger L. and Minister Madell H. Breedlove presented The 2014 Maximized Man, Ultimate Woman Conference: “Rethinking and Rebuilding Our Lives . . . Because The War Is Over“ The theme continues the victory-mindset inspired by The 2014 Believers Meeting. The conference was a great success, starting on Friday with Pastor Breedlove ministering to the women…

Mayor Lovely Ann Warren

Mayor Warren’s Prayer Service

Prayer for The Mayor. This initiative has been adopted by a number of local churches who will host a morning prayer once a month through the end of this year. The one-hour prayer services are open to the public. The next service will be at 8:30AM on Tuesday,  November 4, 2014 at Church of Love Faith Center, located…


Galatians Comparison

Pastor Breedlove reviewed Grace Versus The Law found in Galatians (chapters 2-6). Here are the first seven Message comparisons: Grace is based on faith. The law is based on works. Galatians 2:16 AMP Grace justifies the sinful man. The law is incapable of resulting in justification. Galatians 2:16-17; Galatians 3:11 Grace begins and ends with…

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