Salvation is the first of hands_raisedmany vital promises God has framed for your life

You have received Jesus Christ as your Savior. The most important focus for you now is faith. Why? Your Bible calls you the just (meaning God is not holding anything against you) and that you “shall live by faith.”

Everything we receive from our Heavenly Father comes through faith. Many times in the Bible, Jesus said: “your faith has made you well.” He spoke of “great faith” which pleased Him, well, greatly; and of “little faith” which disappointed Him.

The five lessons in this section will help you begin to:
1. Understand the difference between faith and belief
2. Learn how faith comes and how to stand on the Word
3. Identify with the “champions of faith” in your Bible
4. Put on the full armor of God and walk in love
5. Get ready for the Empowerment of Jude 20

Welcome Family Members!

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