Tithes, Offerings, and The Building Fund

God is a giver. Generally, people see His giving in John 3:16 and might stop there. But Believers should quickly point to Luke 5:4 and Luke 6:38 as patterns of His eternal “401K Plan” that never fails.

Tithes and offerings are the spiritual vehicles God created to prosper you. Clearly, paving streets with gold and designing a city foundation and walls of precious gems and stones, God does not need our money; but just as clearly, He has big plans to prosper us if we pattern ourselves after Him.

God uses the 10% (tithe) to multiply your remaining 90%. He will show you that He does more with 10% than you do with 90%. Offering is over-and-above the tithe and is a reflection of your strong desire to impact a circumstance here on earth. You might give offering to honor a birthday or achievement, or simply give without designation.

The building fund “builds” your place of worship. This giving is a quiet way of investing in the work of the Gospel. An interesting facet of the building fund is that you can petition God to help you establish your home as King Solomon did. He built the temple of the Lord-and then his own home.


Stewardship and Special Sowing

Luke 6:38 introduces “the same measure.” Sow big, reap big; the opposite is true, too. Sowing, of any size, brings with it the right to “see the books” and know to a certainty what is done with church funds. As stewards of the God who requires truthfulness, we open our books annually for our members.

Sowing operates in the here-and-now and the hereafter. Giving now supports the needs of the poor who Christ said “are with you always.” It can also enhance a youth event, community outreach, or college study. There are many opportunities to financially assist this ministry which is recognized by New York State and the U.S. government as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Special sowing is often ignited by a prophetic word that the timing is right to launch out into the deep. This giving requires faith and trust since the manifestation may not be for you; but the blessing for giving shall come to you. Legacy giving looks to the future. Givers use their will to designate money to support the church after their death.

For more information on any degree of financial giving, please call the church at (585) 334-8730.