So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Learn how faith comes and how to stand on the Word

Anything mastered, is mastered by operating within or above the principle that controls it. To master gravity, for example, you can equalize it with a parachute or apply propulsion (a greater force) to overcome it.

The principle that governs faith is hearing. Hear a thing often enough and, whether true or false, eventually you will believe it (like Y2K being an electronic melt down). As a Believer, you develop “ears to hear” the voice of The Good Shepherd only by hearing the Word of God.

The simplest way to stand on the Word is to identify the challenge (anger, unbelief, pride, complaining, etc.) and look it up in the index of your Bible. Read all the Scriptures pertaining to the challenge so you know God’s perspective on the subject. Thus armed, take your stand on Mark 11:23-24. Be fully persuaded that God has heard His Word and is acting on your behalf. Rest by saying “Father, I thank You that I have received my request, in Jesus’ name. Amen” each day.

Scripture References: Romans 10:17 | Mark 11:23-24 | Matthew 18:19