Will I be different after I am filled?

In a very good way, yes! As you accept the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, you will grow in spiritual development and become all that God has created you to be.

You will not become different in the sense that you are no longer the person born to your natural parents; no, not at all. If you were John or Jane Doe before the infilling, you will be John or Jane Doe after the infilling. Think of it this way: God’s “super” has been grafted onto your “natural” abilities and awareness.

As you become tuned into your Kingdom benefits, you are more inclined to please God and be taught by Him. The Person of the Holy Spirit is the teacher of the church. He will “lead you and guide you into all truth and show you things to come.” This is awesome!

According to Romans 8:14, if you follow His perfect lead, you are identified as a son of God. Now you are not “better” than anyone else, but you do have a tremendous advantage which only increases as you become a consistent “reader, hearer, doer, and proclaimer” of what you hear from Heaven.

Scripture References: John 16:13 | Romans 8:14