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God, who is Love, created a unique plan for your best life. It includes the good and perfect gift of Jesus Christ, and the infallible leadership and power of the Person of The Holy Spirit. If you want to operate within the guidelines of His plan and be free, you have to be a doer of the Word! Five powerful teachings reveal God and help you walk in His destiny: 1. Where is Your Trust? | 2. What’s in Your Mouth? | 3. If We Don’t, Who Will? | 4. Jesus’ Mission and Ministry | 5. The Power (Ability) of The Word.


Love...A More Excellent Way Retreat MusicMinistry | WPP | Love…A More Excellent Way Retreat Music

The music of the Women’s Prayer Partners 2008 Retreat was very popular and is now available to you.



The Renewing of Your Mind | 2007 Believers MeetingThe Renewing of Your Mind | 2007 Believers Meeting

Do you wonder why harmful thoughts cross your mind or why it can be challenging to just “do the right thing”? Now hear the “good news” that God prepared for you in Romans 12:1 concerning your thought life. This 3-day teaching covers: Your soul is made up of three parts (your mind, will, and emotions) | Whoever controls your mind, controls your destiny | Satan’s attacks start in your mind where he tries to build up a fortified city | Your life cannot prosper with a weak soul.