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2016-TBM-cvr90x702016 Believers Meeting | One Heart, One Mind, The Oneness of God

Oneness with God is not only possible, it’s already been provided for you and the gifts of Oneness are tremendous! True eternal life (John 17:3); true prosperity (3 John 1:2), and much more have been reserved for God’s children. Come into the knowledge of truth and advance in the plan God has for your life. He’s waiting to be One with you!


CD-Jacket-2015TBM-web2015 Believers Meeting | The Missing Ingredient

If you haven’t received God’s Holy Spirit as your life guide, life comfort, life truth and life power, you are missing out on 90% of the life Christ died to bring you. Absent this gift, you’re missing comfort, counsel, guidance, Scriptural insight, revelation and much more. You’ve received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Now take this next gift from our Heavenly Father: His Holy Spirit.


The War Is Over2014 Believers Meeting | The War Is Over

We heard news that stills stuns the world-and even some Believers: the war between God and mankind is over! Almighty God presented these glad tidings in unmistakable language (Isaiah 40:1-2) to the Prophet Isaiah more than 2,800 years ago. Today this good news needs to reach “ears to hear” so that its divine declaration of freedom can set the 21st Century captives free. Embracing the war’s end will liberate you like never before.


Empowered To Reign & Rest2013 Believers Meeting | Empowered To Reign & Rest

For the self-occupied, there is no true reign and no everlasting rest. As we learn in John 12:25, “He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” Yes, those who reject the limited life of self-rule to embrace Christ discover that reigning and resting are declared by God the Father as the signature of the life of the Man from heaven—who now lives in you to carry out God’s perfect will.


Is Grace & Righteousness More Than A Teaching?2012 Believers Meeting | Is Grace & Righteousness More Than A Teaching?

If the answer is “no,” then it falls to man to eat, drink and be merry as best we can until the end. But if the answer is “yes,” then saving grace and faith help us live well today. But it doesn’t stop there. Grace is Jesus Christ, the Righteous One; a divine influence to change us from the inside-out so God can inhabit not just our praise-but our lives!


Righteousness Is Revealed2010 Believers Meeting | Righteousness Is Revealed

Transformation. What a privilege! To stand in God’s presence as if sin had never existed! This is part of the exceedingly abundantly more that Jesus Christ secured for you. Your Bible says the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children, forever. When Christ came, He was revealed as the power of God who made our righteousness, or right-standing, not only possible, but eternally certain.


Grace +Faith For Your Vision2009 Believers Meeting | Grace +Faith For Your Vision

Have you checked your spiritual vision lately? When it’s less than 20/20, we cannot recognize the grace of God. For example, you may think that God examined you, found some past sin, got angry, and turned away. Not so! Jesus has forgiven your past, present and future sins. If you will receive that truth, your righteousness in Christ will come into clear focus.


The Grace of God2008 Believers Meeting | The Grace of God

The grace of God makes it possible for us to reign over temptations, calamity, and negative thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. You may not know about the availability of God’s grace or how to reach up for it and obtain a mighty shield to safeguard your peace and joy.

This crucial message is for you. If you apply the faith formula (believe, receive, confess, act) God’s grace will flow in your life.


The Renewing of Your Mind2007 Believers Meeting | The Renewing of Your Mind

Do you wonder why harmful thoughts cross your mind or why it can be challenging to just “do the right thing”? Now hear the “good news” that God prepared for you in Romans 12:1 concerning your thought life. This 3-day teaching covers: Your soul is made up of three parts (your mind, will, and emotions) | Whoever controls your mind, controls your destiny | Satan’s attacks start in your mind where he tries to build up a fortified city | Your life cannot prosper with a weak soul.


Is Healing For All?2006 Believers Meeting | Is Healing For All?

Do you understand where sickness and disease originated? Did you know that God has “good news” concerning healing and how to walk in divine health? Do you have questions about Job, or Paul’s thorn? This 3-day teaching brings four topics into focus: 1. Where in the world, or out of the world, does sickness and disease come from? | 2. The Gospel or “Good News” of healing | 3. How does God heal the sick today? | 4. Road blocks that hinder you from receiving your healing.