A Connection to Health Through the Holy SpiritA Connection to Health Through the Holy Spirit

God, who is Love, created a unique plan for your best life. It includes the good and perfect gift of Jesus Christ, and the infallible leadership and power of the Person of The Holy Spirit. If you want to operate within the guidelines of His plan and be free, you have to be a doer of the Word! Five powerful teachings reveal God and help you walk in His destiny: 1. Where is Your Trust? | 2. What’s in Your Mouth? | 3. If We Don’t, Who Will? | 4. Jesus’ Mission and Ministry | 5. The Power (Ability) of The Word.


How To Have The Mind of ChristHow To Have The Mind of Christ

Let this drop in your spirit: “Whatever God says I am: I am.” This is the path to victory that avoids four hindrances: 1. Ignorance of the Word of God | 2. Failure to renew your mind with the Word of God | 3. Impatience | 4. Failure to cast down imaginations. This is just a very small taste of the revelation in this series. God wants you to know Him and He has made the mind of Christ available to you in order to do so.


There Is Now, No CondemnationThere Is Now, No Condemnation

What is the solution to your needs? While you ponder the question, let me recommend that, like Saul on the road to Damascus and the two men on the road to Emmaus, you are destined for an eye-opening, heart-warming encounter with Jesus! The Holy Spirit has released the deep things of God in this series. Come, sit under this anointed ministry and grow your faith. Buy this series and, as you listen, you will hear yokes bursting open and bonds breaking.