Is Healing for All? | 2006 Believers MeetingHealing | Is Healing for All? | 2006 Believers Meeting

Do you understand where sickness and disease originated? Did you know that God has “good news” concerning healing and how to walk in divine health? Do you have questions about Job, or Paul’s thorn? This 3-day teaching brings four topics into focus: 1. Where in the world, or out of the world, does sickness and disease come from? | 2. The Gospel or “Good News” of healing | 3. How does God heal the sick today? | 4. Road blocks that hinder you from receiving your healing.

Holy Spirit | The Helper We All Need (Part 1)Holy Spirit | The Helper We All Need (Part 1)

Through the ages, artists have pictured God The Father and God The Son, but why not God The Holy Spirit? The early term “Holy Ghost,” referencing an invisible nature, gave artists nowhere to begin even though He has clear characteristics and a powerful ministry. Let’s allow the Bible to “paint a picture,” using these five colors: 1. The Person of The Holy Spirit | 2. Personal Treatment | 3. Divine Qualities | 4. Terms and Misconceptions | 5. Baptisms-How Many Are There?

Holy Spirit | The Helper We All Need (Part 2)Holy Spirit | The Helper We All Need (Part 2)

Did you know that you can speak directly to God in the spirit? At times, our native language seems insufficient to express truely deep desires. God knows this and has a private prayer language-one that the enemy can’t cancel-ready for you! Part 2 covers the four benefits that equip you to be a Good News epistle of God’s surpassing glory: 1. Speak directly to God | 2. Edify (build up) yourself | 3. Let your spirit pray | 4. Avoid walking in the flesh.